My work has recently appeared in a number of publications, including Exclaim! Magazine, This Magazine, The Globe & Mail, Quill & Quire, The National Post, and The Walrus. My work also appeared in NOW Magazine, Angry Metal Guy, Game Dynamo, Canada Arts Connect, Hellbound, Gameranx, broken pencil, This Magazine, Matrix Magazine, The Coastal Spectator, Toronto Film Scene, Toronto Standard, Huffpost Music Canada, and


2004 – 2007

M.A., English Literature & Creative Writing, University of Calgary

Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Markotić

2000 – 2004

B.A., Hons., English Literature & Creative Writing, University of Windsor

Graduated With Distinction


2016 – 2017

Social Media Manager, Digital Howard.

  • With Amanda Scriver, developed and implemented a multi-platform social media strategy for one of Digital Howard’s creative properties: the science fiction/ western television show Wynonna Earp, adapted from the Beau Smith comic series.
  • Worked with other digital teams at Syfy, IDW Publishing and CHCH TV to develop a strong social media voice and personality, and tap into an engaged and passionate fan base.
  • Fostered an active fan-run campaign (that ultimately resulted in the television show being renewed for a second and third season).
  • Developed, created, promoted and launched a content strategy to run during the show’s hiatus period between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 in 2017.
  • Wynonna Earp won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross-Platform Project: Fiction, for the interactive campaign that Scriver and I developed and implemented. The award was given for “an interactive, media-rich digital campaign for the TV Series Wynonna Earp, including: a social media campaign across all major social networking platforms; a Visual Wiki-style website featuring the Wynonna StoryVerse, where fans can explore every aspect of the characters and episodes, and; a post-season on-line content campaign that keeps fans engaged after the season finale.”
  • Served on the team to develop and deploy an interactive narrative and Alternate Reality Game for the Season 2 digital strategy. That strategy and content is presently being rolled out as Purgatory Case Files.


Community Manager, Innocean Worldwide.

  • Developed and implemented a multi-platform social media strategy for several global brands.
  • Monitored all social media channels on behalf of clients and provided minute-by-minute engagement with fans and customers.
  • Managed multiple creative social calendars.
  • Created and posted social media copy.
  • Worked with creative, production, media, events and advertising departments to ensure all activities received social media coverage.


Researcher, The Hand-Eye Society.

  • Attended and observed all workshops running during the present incarnation of the Game Curious initiative run by the Hand-Eye Society.
  • Recorded the efficacy and outcome of each module of the workshops. I am now in the process of analyzing this data and drawing up conclusions on how to improve future iterations of this workshop series, and developing a curriculum for other organizations wishing to run similar events.


Writer, The Oldest Game (Concordia University).

  • Composed scenarios and wrote all the branching narratives and dialogue options for The Oldest Game, a newsgame about sex work law in Canada, developed by Dr. Sandra Gabriele and Dr. Lisa Lynch at Concordia University.
  • Researched changes in Canadian sex work law, organizing and running playtests of the game, and composing updates for the game’s website and social media accounts.


Social Media Manager and Content Creator, Elias Theodorou.

  • Developed and implemented a social media strategy across multiple platforms and including sponsorship agreements and product placements for UFC-signed MMA fighter Elias Theodorou, winner of the MMA reality show The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia.
  • Developed a content strategy for the fighter’s personal website, and created and deployed all necessary content over a nine-month contract period.
  • Attended fights, weigh-ins, training sessions, meetings with coaches and sponsors, and all necessary events to provide digital strategy insight and live even coverage on social media.


Assistant Editor (2013-2015), Writer (2010-2013), Exclaim! Magazine.

  • Assigned all reviews, feature interviews and front-of-book pieces within the genres of heavy metal and hardcore. I attended editorial meetings and pitch meetings, and assisted in planning, and implementing said plans, for Exclaim! Magazine.


Columnist, Torontoist.

  • Wrote reviews and news pieces on current events, arts and culture, and social justice.
  • Wrote the weekly music column Sound Advice.


Reviews Editor, This Magazine.

  • Assigned texts to be reviewed to established writers, solicited new writers to join This magazine.
  • Performed substantive and copy edits on all reviews for This Magazine.
  • Solicited texts from publishers to be reviewed and managed all review pitches.


Content Creator, Art & Science.

  • Developed full content marketing strategy for the launch of a new brand, SimpleTherapy, including keywords, article outlines and publishing schedule, with SEO and SEM considerations.
  • Created a social media strategy to accompany the content marketing and help disseminate the content online.
  • Wrote daily content, in the form of informative articles for the client’s website.


Managing Editor, Canada Arts Connect Magazine.

  • Developed and implemented a new content strategy and publishing schedule; I arranged press accreditation and review copies; I acquired and maintained sponsorship relationships with other arts organizations; and promoted CAC via social media.
  • Wrote a column on aggressive music and feminism entitled “Girls Don’t Like Metal.”
  • Served as a regular contributor to CAC Magazine from January 2011 to June 2011, covering live music events and writing about arts and culture.

Selected Presentations

  • “Interactive Fiction and Narrative Games Writing.” With Kaitlin Tremblay. Dames Making Games. First presented February 2017, workshops ongoing.
  • “I Am Very Tired: Affective Labour and the Politics of Exhaustion in the Context of #Gamergate.” Game History Annual Symposium. Grande Bibliothèque Montréal, June 27-28 2015.
  • “Designing Games in a Time of Hate.” Co-authored with Dr. Sandra Gabriele. Console-ing Passions, International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media and Feminism. Marker Hotel, Dublin, June 18-20 2015.
  • “#Bloodbornepoems: May The Good Blood Guide Your Way.” Canadian Games Studies Association Conference/the Congress of the Humanities & Social Sciences. University of Ottawa, June 3-5 2015.
  • “Women in Refrigerators, Hawkeye Initiatives, and the Ass-vengers: a recent history of gender representation in comics.” Co-authored with Kalervo Sinervo. Toronto Comic Arts Festival/The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics. Toronto Reference Library, May 7-8 2015.
  • “Dungeon Building: Minecraft and the Embodiment of Horror.” The Building Blocks of Life: A Minecraft Colloquium. Concordia University, February 13 2015.
  • “Letting Down Your Garde: Representation of Alternative Sexuality in Indie Gaming.” Avant Canada. Brock University, November 5-7 2014.